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We established a team to work with tree planting organizations in Vietnam to introduce the blockchain technologies to solve their problem in providing transparency, auditability and measurelity to their donors.

We have worked with Gaia Nature Conservation to support us on planting the trees. Gaia is a national not-for-profit organization of Vietnam. Gaia empowers people and applies its experience to stop biodiversity degradation with the aim of creating a future where humans live in harmony with our rich and beautiful nature.

For more detail about Gaia, please visit:; please select the English version to view content in English). More planting organizations will be onboarded in the future.

A number of trees planted in a particular area will be tokenized as an non-fungible token (NFT) which includes: planting time, the picture, the tree’s coordinate (latitude-longitude)… The NFT will be minted using cardano blockchain and provided to donors then they can easily check the result, we call each NFT as a Green Certificate. We are researching for the Dynamic Non-Fungible Token (dNFT) then the meta data of token can be updated to reflect the tree growing and its impact during its life time.

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Watch more of the idea via the link:

Visit the team to learn about the solution to use NFT on Cardano Blockchain to manage the reforestation work in Vietnam - help grow a million forest tree