Bring NFT To Life

Catalyst TV - Bring NFT To Life

  • Ideascale
  • Challenge: Dapps, Products & Integrations
  • Requested Budget: 38600

🌟 Very few projects on Cardano bring NFT to life and provide real value to its owners. We will give mint users an NFT depends on how much that user contributes to the community. The higher the level the NFT owner will get, the more benefits.Member will contribute knowledge and edit content on and Members with NFT are allowed to join the whitelist list or early purchase of tokens or NFT of projects that are partners of They can buy products or services at discounted prices at wikicardano partners. Example: Buying coffee with 20% discount at partner stores

🌟 You can contact @tuan_anh_nam_dinh right away via Telegram for any doubt you are having with the team.