Welcome to Eastern Catalyst School 🎓 !

What is Eastern Catalyst School (ECS)?

Eastern Catalyst School is a Catalyst School-affiliated Eastern Townhall activity that aims to provide the community with fundamental to in-depth knowledge about Cardano’s Catalyst project, including becoming a Proposer, Proposal Assessor and voter.

About Eastern Catalyst School (ECS)

Eastern Catalyst School is simply Catalyst School in 3 local languages in 3 countries:

  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Japanese

It is an initiative from Eastern Townhall core members to make the materials given in Catalyst School more approachable for non-English speakers. It was proposed to Project Catalyst in Fund 8 and got funded, and covers only 3 countries as those are currently the countries in Eastern Townhall where English is not spoken fluently by nature.

There are several activities in the funded proposal including:

  • 6 workshops in each Fund 9 and Fund 10 (total of 12 workshops)
  • 1-on-1 sessions offered for those who needed more help/information than offered in the scheduled workshops
  • The written media such as this website.
  • The materials cover the phases in the Project Catalyst as well as the roles available in it. Proposer, Proposal Assessor (PA), Veteran Proposal Assessor (VPA), and Voter are among the roles covered in depth.

Please find such information on this site, in each of the 3 languages, as well as the recordings of past events, and future scheduled events.