Stake Pool


As a community that puts forward the concept of decentralization, Eastern Town Hall also operates a stake pool or validator node called C3ETH, which stands for Cardano Community Catalyst Eastern Town Hall.

The mission is, to become one of the stakeholders in the Cardano network dedicated to maintain and secure the blockchain by staking some ADA assets and involves in block mining process. Rewards from this activity are shared between the community’s treasury and delegators (people or community members whose crypto was used in the process).

Please support us as we keep continuing to expand our reach to friends and people in the Eastern hemisphere, spreading the positivity and impacts that could be derived from the development of Cardano blockhain, especially with Catalyst Project.

Stake Pool Information

  • Pool Ticker: C3ETH

  • Pool ID:


  • Pool View:


  • Margin Cost: 4%
  • Fixed Cost: 340 ADA
  • Pledge: 2,500 ADA