Cardano Catalyst Community Eastern Town Hall (C3ETH) Breakout rooms hosting Guidelines


Some contents and information used in this page has been re-used and/or replicated from Catalyst Swam ATH Host Guides v2


A bi-weekly Eastern Town Hall (ETH) meetup is a place for Eastern Hemisphere communities to update, share ideas, present projects, invite the community into meaningful discussions, and find like-minded people to collaborate and build projects together on the Cardano blockchain.

Hosting a Breakout room for your own community, and events to support Project Catalyst goals, we wish to provide a safe and lively environment to explore the highest potential of human collaboration as well as to onboard, introduce and educate community members to our ecosystem.

Step-by-step process

  1. Read ETH FAQs and adopted IOHK’s Guidelines →
  2. Sign-up
  3. Get accepted
  4. Present
  5. Upload recording

Feedback and any suggestions please contact us through