Catalyst Guides

What does your user need to understand about Project Catalyst in order to submit a proposal, be a community advisor, or voting?


This repository contains Cardano Catalyst Community (C3) Eastern Townhall (ETH) is helping to enable community members from a wide variety of countries and languages in the eastern timezones. A particular focus of the team is to localise Cardano Catalyst content and on-boarding to enable the widest participation possible.

This site contains our translations of Project Catalyst documentation, community-sourced guides, and related proposals. The content is translated into the many languages of the eastern hemisphere, with a particular focus on East Asian languages.

Project Catalyst is the beginning of bringing on-chain governance to Cardano. It is a series of experiments that leverage the collective intelligence of the Catalyst Community to determine the future direction and development of the Cardano ecosystem. Through a series of innovation funds, the community sources ideas decides which to fund, and finances them. Sourcing the best ideas for building a global blockchain.

ProjectCatalyst チャレンジ設定および提案ガイド

ProjectCatalystは進行中であり、幅広い個人からの信じられないほどの参加が見られます。 これは、世界規模のコミュニティイノベーションプロジェクトを作成するための共同プロセスです。