Cardano Emerging Threat Alarm

How can we help stakeholders identify serious emerging systemic threats for the Cardano blockchain before a threat overcomes the system?

Fund Size: $50,000 USD paid in Ada

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Campaign Brief

Blockchain systems are a complex amalgam of technological, economic and social components that rely and are used by many stakeholders from different geographies and backgrounds. These systems are not isolated from the real world and unexpected threats may emerge from the dynamic interaction.

Cardano stakeholders (users, SPOs, DApp developers, partners, Exchanges, governments, companies) need a resilient system that is able to identify and grade developing threats to its own existence.

Why is it important?

Cardano complexity increases with decentralization, native tokens, multi-asset support, smart contracts and new users. Threats will emerge.

How does success look like?

Stable evolution. Cardano successfully onboards new users, developers, DApps, tokens, SPOs, oracles, companies. Threats are identified

Key Metrics to measure

At the end of this challenge, we should be asking ourselves: Did we manage to create a simple mechanism for identifying novel, emerging systemic threats to the Cardano ecosystem? We can’t see the future now, but as events unfold we may be able to use our collective wisdom and senses to detect new dangers for the Cardano blockchain and its usage.

  • Number of potential threats that have been submitted.
  • Grading of the submitted threats by urgency
  • Number of threats that have been identified as serious and systemic.
  • Grouping of threat sources into categories and types to determine wider danger areas
  • Number of Cardano stakeholders interacting with the threat alert mechanism
  • Number of Catalyst proposals submitted and accepted for funding in subsequent funding rounds to directly address the most pressing identified threats.


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