DLT Entrepreneurship Toolbox

How can early stage entrepreneurs develop their skills to execute & communicate great ideas so voters/stakeholders value the project?

Fund Size: $150,000 USD paid in Ada

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Campaign Brief

Whatever your background, confidently communicating all the important elements of an early stage venture can be overwhelming for inexperienced entrepreneurs.

More should be done to help an increasingly diverse group of Project Catalyst entrepreneurs, at different stages of self-development, plus their teams and stakeholders to collaborate and communicate effectively.

This is important to Project Catalyst as, over time, the strongest ideas will be those that are the most coherently communicated and which ultimately resonate clearly with voters - particularly Expert evaluators!

This challenge seeks to help inexperienced entrepreneurs to learn and apply vital entrepreneurship skills so they can collaborate with teams and stakeholders on meaningful Catalyst projects. This also helps ensure sustainable impact and a positive return on investment and intention is made.

Why is it important?

Entrepreneurs strengths are ambition and vision but often lack structure to communicate ideas clearly enough to win voter hearts & minds

How does success look like?

Higher quality of proposal submitted to Catalyst so entrepreneurs become confident presenting project principles, USP, strategy, objectives

Key Metrics to measure

  • Number of users, using the tools
  • Difference in score of applicants using the toolbox and those not using the tools.
  • Gaps that are filled in the entrepreneurial skills base of project teams from the start of ideation through project delivery.
  • Sustainability of venture plans beyond the scope of Catalyst development project.


  1. Original challenge setting proposal