DeFi and Microlending for Africa

Fund Size: $90,000 USD paid in Ada

How can we enable the creation of micro-lending and Defi dApp solutions that fits the African setting?

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Why is it important?

Microlending and DeFi dApps targeted specifically to the African context & based on historical cultural norms will accelerate user adoption

How does success look like?

Businesses are confident to submit well-researched proposals that address the African micro-lending and decentralized finance context

Key Metrics to measure

  • Submitted proposals well researched, viable and addresses traditional African financial cultural norms and practices
  • 3 or more successfully funded micro-lending and Defi dApp launched within the next 3 funding rounds
  • Minimum 50% user adoption in funded proposal’s target market within 2 years


  1. Original challenge setting proposal