Welcome to the Eastern Town Hall Community

Cardano is a global decentralised open-source

Proof-of-Stake blockchain

network, allowing people all over the world to

cooperate, collaborate, propose, fund, and deploy

markets, financial solutions, and applications

to build economic wellbeing for millions.


We are helping community members from a wide variety of countries and languages in the eastern timezones.


A particular focus is to localise Cardano Catalyst content and on-boarding to enable the widest participation possible.


Experiments that leverage the collective intelligence of the community to determine the future direction and development of the Cardano ecosystem.

We are an open collaborative project where individuals and organizations of the Cardano ecosystem contribute. We want to make participation in Cardano and Project Catalyst easier for everyone.


To make Cardano and Catalyt more accessible across the globe we translate documentation and related proposals. Learn how we translate into the many languages of the eastern hemisphere.

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Localising Cardano Catalyst content to enable the widest participation needs people to help. Speak a language not represented here yet? We do a Pull Request contributions workflow on GitHub. New users are always welcome!

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Project Catalyst is the start of on-chain governance for Cardano. Learn about Catalyst, participate, propose, get funded, build on Cardano.

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