Fund 7 Challenges

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This index page is yet to be udated. This is the Catalyst Proposals for fund 7 section. It will update for each fund.

Catalyst Accelerator & Mentors

How can Catalyst harness professional firepower to bootstrap an accelerator environment that amplifies and commercializes funded projects?

Catalyst Natives COTI: Pay with ADA Plug-in

What will drive mass-scale adoption of decentralized IDs on Cardano?

A.I. & SingularityNet a $5T market

How can we create a mutually beneficial partnership with SingularityNet and other A.I. developers and researchers?

Accelerate Decentralized Identity

What solutions can we develop and implement with Atala PRISM and Cardano today to have the most positive impact and open up opportunities for the rapid growth of the Cardano network?

Boosting Cardano's DeFi

How can we encourage DeFi teams to build/deploy open finance solutions on Cardano in the next 6 months?

Catalyst - Rapid Funding Mechanisms

How can we distribute Cardano treasury funds more rapidly in a transparent, accountable, and safe manner?

Community Events

How can we increase meaningful participation among the community in the next 6 months?

Connecting Japan/日本 Community

How can we increase meaningful participation among the community in the next 6 months?

DAOs ❤ Cardano

How can we make Cardano the go-to choice for DAOs to manage themselves?

DApps - Integrations

What applications will provide the most value for end users in 2022?

Disarm cyber disinformation attacks

How can we prevent attempts to destabilize Cardano through Distributed Denial of Truth (DDoT) attack scenarios?

Fund8 challenge setting

What Challenges should the community prioritize to address in Fund8?

Gamers On-Chained

What Blockchain gaming applications should be developed to achieve mass adoption of Cardano?

Global Sustainable Indep. SPO's

How can we promote a decentralised, globally distributed and sustainable pool of operators to run the Cardano network

Grow Latin America, Grow Cardano

How do we grow the Cardano ecosystem in Latin America?

Improve and Grow Auditability

How to make the auditing process of funded proposals efficient, distributed and transparent?

Lobbying for favorable legislation

How can we defend ourselves from attacks by authoritarian governments and compromising legislation and unfair tax policies?

Mini/Low-Budget Dapps & Integrations

What Low Budget / Mini Decentralized Applications will provide the most value for end users in the next 3 months?

Miscellaneous Challenge

How do we create a space for ideas and projects that do not fit any of the other current Challenges?

Multilingual resources

How can we motivate non english speakers to learn and grow Cardano ecosystem in the next 3-6 months?

Nation Building Dapps

What core Dapp solutions can be provided for widespread governments adoption in the developing world?

New SPO Business Opportunities

Stake Pool Operators are a key-success-factor of Cardano. With their infrastructure and capabilities, important new services can be created

Open Source Developer Ecosystem

How can we ensure that the cardano ecosystem is build on a framework which is owned by the community and equally accessible to all?

Scale-UP Cardano's Community Hubs

How do we encourage Local Community Hubs to drive adoption and awareness of Cardano in the next 6 months?

Seeding Cardano's Grassroots DeFi

How to encourage new teams to Deploy Defi Solutions on Cardano?