New to Fund11, proposal submissions have been organized into new, streamlined categories and a track-based approach. Proposal categories will now fall under one of three Categories: Cardano Use cases, Cardano Open, and Catalyst Systems Improvements.

Cardano use cases

The total category budget is ₳22,500,000, divided equally into three funding tracks. Proposal submissions should answer one of the following:


Budget: ₳7,500,000

What DApp ideas or product concepts need design and prototyping to demonstrate their purpose and realize novel applications or use cases of the Cardano blockchain? Submissions must be for new product ideas.


Budget: ₳7,500,000

How can we support early blockchain startup projects to reach Cardano testnet or MVP readiness? Submissions must include a functioning prototype that can be demonstrated in the proposal. Submissions must supply a proof of concept available for reviewers and voters.


Budget: ₳7,500,000

What products and integrations can be accelerated to offer more high-impact use cases at scale to drive more adoption in the Cardano ecosystem? Submissions must have a working product in the market with high growth potential. Submissions for R&D must have the proposed product already in the market, which can be used by reviewers and voters today.

Cardano Open

The total category budget is ₳21,000,000, divided equally into two funding tracks. Technical proposals should be submitted to the Cardano open: developers track. Non-technical proposals should be submitted to the Cardano open: ecosystem track.


Budget: ₳10,500,000

What open source tooling is needed to enable the Cardano developer ecosystem to thrive? The focus should be on supporting open-source development efforts.


Budget: ₳10,500,000

What creative ideas and activities will expand Project Catalyst’s global footprint, educate, and onboard more Cardano and Cardano DApps users? The focus should be on supporting non-technical proposals for marketing, Cardano regional growth, and community-building endeavors.

Catalyst System Improvement

The total category budget is ₳3,000,000, divided equally between two funding tracks:


Budget: ₳1,500,000

What foundational research is required to advance the existing Project Catalyst system improvement solutions?


Budget: ₳1,500,000

Focused on functional engineering to work in conjunction with or to refine existing or under- development system improvement solutions. Focused on Fund Administrator infrastructure to serve the community’s needs better.