C3ETH Docs Localization

How to contribute to translate Eastern Town Hall documentation

Thank you for your interest in translating (localizing) C3ETH Documents 😊 Your work makes the documents more accessible and more widely available to our worldwide community.

👉 Please follow the guidelines below to help translate C3ETH Documents.

Steps to participate in C3ETH docs translations:

  1. Open the GITLOCALIZATION_CONTRIBUTORS file. Look for the language header that you’d like to contribute to and add your full name and @your_github_account under the header. If you cannot find the language that you’d like to contribute to, please read this section.
  2. Create a pull request (PR) to add your name to the list. Make sure to follow the template to open a PR.
    Each contributor must create their own PR
    If you have an open discuss for a language request, add the discuss link to the PR.
  3. Join GitLocalize using the same GitHub ID you used to open your PR above.
  4. Leave a comment in your PR stating that you successfully joined GitLocalize.
  5. Once your PR has been accepted and merged, you will receive a notification from GitLocalize with a title: [GitLocalize] You have been assigned a new role.
  6. Join project [C3ETH/c3eth.github.io] and then visit the language you signed up to contribute to.

For questions about the project, to connect with other translators, or to receive updates regarding the project, please join our community discussion.

What is GitLocalize?

GitLocalize is a platform for managing translations of the content stored on GitHub and simplifies the translation workflow for developers.


Gitlocalize is under active development, so you may encounter issues during translation. If you find bugs or errors, please feel free to reach out to our community.

How to add a new language?

If you want to add a new language, you can open a GitHub idea to start a discussion with the C3ETH team and recruit translation project members.

How to add my name to GITLOCALIZATION_CONTRIBUTORS list and open a PR in GitHub?

Option 1: In Github (Recommended)

  1. Click on the pen-like button which says “Edit this file” in the GITLOCALIZATION_CONTRIBUTORS file.
  2. Add your name under the language you’d like to contribute to.
  3. Once your name is added, scroll down and find a green button which says “Propose changes”.
  4. The page now reloads automatically and find and click on another green button - “Create pull request”.
  5. This should create the pull request and once that’s done, follow the instructions (steps 3, 4, 5).

Option 2: Creating a local clone of the repository and pushing from local

  1. Clone this repository by following this guide.
  2. Make sure your local git configuration by following the instructions here – Setting username and Setting email
  3. Create a branch by running git checkout -b BRANCH_NAME in your terminal.
  4. Find GITLOCALIZATION_CONTRIBUTORS file in your local copy of [C3ETH/c3eth.github.io] (created after cloning this repository) and add your name under the language you’d like to contribute to.
  5. Now, in the terminal run git add GITLOCALIZATION_CONTRIBUTORS, git commit -m "Added name under LANGUAGE-NAME", git push origin BRANCH-NAME.
  6. Follow the link in the terminal to open a pull request.