Cardano tracking tools

Since Cardano is a public blockchain ledger, it is possible to easily track all recent transactions, block details, and epoch data using different tools.

Exploring transactions and blocks

Cardano Explorer

Cardano Explorer is a user-oriented tool that fetches data from the main database and reflects it in a straightforward and convenient web interface.

The Explorer shows the latest epoch details. You can click the latest epoch and see:

  • a number of blocks produced during this epoch
  • time the epoch started
  • time of last produced block
  • number of processed transactions
  • total output in ada
Figure 1. Latest epoch summary
Figure 1. Latest epoch summary

By choosing a specific block, you can explore it in more detail to see its ID, size, epoch and block details, number of included transactions and confirmations:

Figure 2. Block summary
Figure 2. Block summary

You can also search for specific epochs, transactions or blocks by pasting their IDs in the search field.

Here is a list of other explorers to consider:

Exploring assets

Cardano supports multi-asset creation and management. To see a list of created assets and tokens, you can use these tools:

Exploring stake pools

To find a list of all registered stake pools, their tickers, pool names, and IDs, you can use these tools:

Note: IOHK has developed a stake pool metadata aggregation server (SMASH) to provide the community with a list of verified stake pools with valid metadata. Smash is integrated with the Daedalus wallet, and users can see a list of valid stake pools in the delegation center tab.