Catalyst T.V - Fund 8 Episodes

You will find fund 8 videos here

Welcome to Catalyst T.V! you will find fund 8 videos here

Cardano Annual Market Report

Our mission is to bring the most comprehensive knowledge about Cardano to the community in Vietnam.

Cardano Coffee lounge in Vietnam

Need to diversify learning methods and exchange knowledge with experienced devs and Cardanian in Vietnam

Cardano Forest In Vietnam

an NFT project to help save the planet by growing trees. In Vietnam, most people know about crypto, but they have a limited understanding of other applications of blockchain ie non-fungible tokens. The solution is to use NFT on Cardano Blockchain to manage the reforestation work in Vietnam.

Cardano Hub Indonesia-Video Series

Indonesians prefer simple visual infographics through videos to learn about Cardano in local language - Bahasa Indonesia

Cardano SAY NO Plastic Straws | C4O

Our mission is to bring the most comprehensive knowledge about Cardano to the community in Vietnam.

Challenge & Scouted for Students 🎓

How can we provide Student Entrepreneurs with a place to appeal their ideas to the world and an opportunity to connect with Engineers?

DeFi should be more fun on Scaling/MetaVerse/Play

Instead of following the boring UX design like most of the current DEXs, Miverse will give a distinct model to DeFi & GameFi ecosystem.

FIMI-Vietnamese Cardano Talk

How to raise awareness among Vietnamese about Cardano so that it can be adopted into real life in 2022 and after that?

Haskell Book Vietnamese/Japanese Translation

Cardano’s Smart Contract is built on Haskell. But there is no book or document about Haskell for developers in Vietnam

Haskell Course For Beginner/ Vietnamese

There are many people who really want to write smart contracts and build projects on Cardano. But Haskell is a big barrier for beginners

Impact Finance Regulatory Sandbox

Financial market regulations aim to protect investors but make financing of smaller social and environmental impact investments expensive.

Learn token engineering elements

Tokens let you design economic systems with complex incentives but understanding how to engineer these systems is shrouded in mathematics.

Make Content More Fun to Learn Easy

Guidelines need more media and sound for interesting and understanding easier

Make Learning Cardano Easier

Design system project, plan work, synthesize website content to post, recruit collaborators, transmit information about the project, attract new users

P.I.E for Community Dev. Sector/Gamers-On-Chained/Miscellaneous-Challenge

To grow auditability, we need to evaluate the implementation result of Catalyst’s funded proposals with systematic framework

Service Marketplace

Lacking a place to gather skilled people able to supply support services for unskilled proposers and CAs with a reasonable cost.

TADATek Insights

Our mission is to bring the most comprehensive knowledge about Cardano to the community in Vietnam.

Townhall Channel in Vietnamese

After 2 and 6h from the main Townhall, a 5 mins brief and 30 mins summary Podcast versions in Vietnamese ready for commuters.