Cross-Chain Collaboration

Fund Size: 900,000 USD paid in Ada

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Challenge Brief


Why is this Challenge needed?

  • Tribalism & maximalism are harmful.
  • We are in the multi-chain future.
  • Interoperability is the key.
  • We need initiatives to increase communication, coordination and collaboration between chains.
  • We have common challenges. Let’s solve those together.

Common challenges for all blockchain communities

You could buddy up with someone from outside Cardano ecosystem and address one or more of these common challenges:

  • Awareness & Understanding
  • Organisation & Governance
  • Culture, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Innovation & Decision-making
  • Collaboration Tools & Platforms
  • Incentivized Participation
  • Cost & Efficiency
  • Regulation & Compliance
  • Security & Privacy

Examples of proposals you can submit to this challenge

This is an open-ended challenge that welcomes any proposal geared for cross-chain collaboration, co-innovation and interoperability. These can be any community-led projects, initiatives, solutions, tools or services. These could be, for instance:

  • New technical implementations connecting Cardano to other blockchains and vice versa (SDKs, APIs, bridges etc)
  • Governance ideas from other chains implemented as part of the Voltaire road map
  • Already successful projects expanding from other chains to Cardano
  • Expansion of Cardano-based projects into other chains
  • Oracles and other tools to interpret and interact with cross-chain data
  • Catalyst-created solutions adopted by other chains and communities
  • Common research, education, outreach and innovation projects with other chains and communities (e.g. podcasts, hackathons, webinars, communication hubs, educational resources)

Who to collaborate with?

Any chains and their communities are welcome but here are some ideas of where to prioritize:

Why is it important?

We can be a catalyst for multi-chain awareness and interoperability of blockchains which guarantees shared success in the cryptoeconomy.

What does Sucess look like?

Collaborative value creation between Project Catalyst and other communities, through both technical and non-technical initiatives alike.

Key Metrics to measure

To evaluate the success of the challenge, we can track:

  • On-chain activity growth due to new cross-chain implementations
  • Number of proposals including participants from other blockchain communities
  • Number of technical implementations connecting Cardano to other blockchains
  • Ideas from other chains implemented by Catalyst
  • Projects and dApps from other chains implemented on Cardano
  • Catalyst-created solutions adopted by other chains/communities
  • Number of events / workshops / sessions arranged with other communities
  • Number of permanent initiatives with cross-chain teams (members from different blockchain communities together)