Fund 9 Challenges

Catalyst Fund 9 Challenges

This is the Catalyst Challenges for fund 9 section. It will update for each fund.

Building on Blockfrost

How can we expand the Blockfrost ecosystem to drive the developer adoption on Cardano?

Challenge & Scouted for Students 🎓

How can we provide Student Entrepreneurs with a place to appeal their ideas to the world and an opportunity to connect with Engineers?

Cross-Chain Collaboration

In the next 6-12 months, how might we create new connections between blockchain communities and how do we enhance existing collaboration?

DAOs ❤ Cardano

How can we make Cardano the go-to choice for building DAOs? What tools can we provide to enable effective DAO’s Creation & Operation?

Dapps,Products & Integrations

What dapps, products and integrations can be implemented to bring impactful use cases to Cardano ecosystem that help drive more adoption?

Develper Ecosystem

How can we create a positive developer experience that helps the developer focus on building successful apps?

dRep improvement and onboarding

How do you achieve a diverse and many dRep participation and easy and proper voter delegation?

Grow Africa, Grow Cardano

How do we prepare Africa for a future of wide-scale Cardano adoption? How do we continue to seed and grow adoption in 2022 and beyond?

Grow East Asia, Grow Cardano

How do we grow the Cardano ecosystem in East Asia in an inclusive and supportive way? The same way we do in Africa, focused initiatives!

legal & financial implementation

How can we build effective solutions to explore and provide legal & financial services and support to funded Proposers.

The Great Migration (from Ethereum)

How might we make it easy and fast for dApps and other projects to expand or completely move from Ethereum to Cardano?