Nation Building Dapps

Fund Size: 800,000 USD paid in Ada

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Campaign Brief

What core Nation Building Dapp solutions can be provided for widespread users acquired in the developing world?

Why is it important?

For the poor nations with no basic foundations, Nation Building Dapp solutions will be the building blocks enabling sustainable prosperity.

What does success look like?

Increasing Dapp usage in developing nations, in collaboration with Cardano Local Community Centers and Intl Partnerships to serve its people

Key Metrics to measure

  • Number of proposals
  • Proposals CA ratings
  • Diversity of Dapp’s use cases
  • Proposers commercial approach and negotiation strategy with different Governments
  • Participation of Cardano’s Local Community Centers
  • Participation and/or partnerships with other international organizations
  • Number of countries covered, contracts signed
  • Number of Dapp users, registry accounts, transaction volumes
  • Proposers lead time on field research, Dapp development and implementation
  • Dapps impact on social/financial inclusion
  • Dapps impact on economic development

Challenge Brief

For the poor nations with no foundations to stand on, Nation Building Dapp solutions will be the building blocks enabling sustainable prosperity. The 2017 Findex report shows that about a quarter of unbanked adults live in the poorest 20 percent of households in their country. Proposals in Nation Building Dapps will be able to help provide digital identities to these people and help them out of poverty. We want to encourage Cardano blockchain solutions that will be able to provide nations with decentralized solutions to their infrastructure by eliminating a single point of failure, protecting national, corporate, and individual data, property, and assets.

Dapp proposals should cover foundational Registry solutions, namely:

National ID & Civil Registry, Property Registration, Medical & Vaccination, Education Census, Revenue Service, Business Incorporations, Elections Voting, Customs & Border Control, Criminal Records, Employment Census, Vehicle Registration, Licensing & Certifications.

Proposers to review IOHK/ EMURGO Atala Prism solutions before hand along with reference use cases on integrated registry systems applications currently implemented across wealthy nations.

it is further advised Proposers to obtain a knowledge base over research done in the past three decades unraveling the “mysterious” causes of poverty in third world countries by the economist Hernando de Soto. The attached book, “The Mystery of Capital,” is a great reference to get into context for anyone involved in developing proposals for this challenge.

*Note: Think of government as from the people, for the people and by the people.

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