Community Advisor Improvements

Fund Size: 100,000 USD paid in Ada

Campaign page and browse ideas.

Campaign Brief

Community Advisors are an evolving key role of Project Catalyst and need a place and budget to submit proposals to improve their performance.

Why is it important?

Community Advisors are facing constantly challenges but dont have the possibility to actively co-design their acitivity.

What does success look like?

Community Advisors (CAs) submitting proposals as a Team to improve the CAs performance, activity and evolution.

Key Metrics to measure

  • Number of new tools developed
  • Number of new mechanisms for assessing and scoring proposals
  • Number of maintenance proposals and groups created
  • Number of out of the box ideas

Challenge Brief

Community Advisors (CAs) and Veteran Community Advisors (vCAs) are key players of the current Project Catalyst governance process. They assess proposals and by doing that, provide feedback to proposers to improve their ideas for the next fund, and support voter on deciding which proposals are more ready and have higher chances of being successful and impact the Cardano ecosystem.

By improving the assessing process, we improve the whole Catalyst process as a consequence. Therefore, this challenge aims at accelerating the evolution of the whole assessing process of Catalyst.

Potential directions

  • Build new tools to improve (v)CA’s work
  • Maintain general (v)CA resourses, in collaboration with the community and with IOG
  • Evaluate different models of proposal assessment and scoring
  • Develop reputation system(s) for (v)CAs
  • Develop and assess new remuneration mechanisms for (v)CAs