Lobbying for favorable legislation

Fund Size: $75,000 USD paid in Ada

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Campaign Brief

The idea behind this challenge is to fund specialists in regulation, lawyers and politicians who can promote the creation of an environment of laws that are more favorable or less harmful to the crypto space, with a focus on PoS and on Cardano’s particularities.

Through this challenge, we can fund proposals that seek the adoption of Cardano in certain jurisdictions, as happened recently with Bitcoin in El Salvador.

Lobby and educate rational politicians so that it becomes possible to plead for the creation of more favorable rules on taxation, use of cryptocurrencies and greater privacy for cryptocurrency users.

In August 2021, the US Senate voted for unforgiving legislation on the crypto ecosystem. We have few voices to defend the our community in the political class. Initiatives like the Coin Center are important to defend our community. How can we defend ourselves from attacks by authoritarian governments and compromising legislation?

Why is it Important?

So that we have favorable legislation, privacy, tax reduction and a positive environment for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

How does success look like?

We managed to delay or reverse legislation that compromises crypto adoption and support local communities and organizations like Coincenter

Key Metrics to measure

  • Number of jurisdictions favored through lobbying
  • Number of laws that have been modified
  • Number of experts in regulation, lawyers and other members involved
  • Number of partnerships and collaborations with organizations and non-profits that work in the same cause
  • Number of votes of politicians engaged