Catalyst - Rapid Funding Mechanisms

Fund Size: $250,000 USD paid in Ada

Campaign page and browse ideas and Git Repository and Git Book

Campaign Brief

Increasing the speed of funding is critically important to allow important projects to move rapidly from volunteers to paid professionals. While volunteerism is strong in our community (and a strength), the ability to pay people for their time will accelerate and dramatically improve the time and energy people will be able to devote to Catalyst.

We need to explore alternative ways of scaling how we fairly distribute the treasury to grow the Cardano ecosystem. We should be willing to experiment and try different models in parallel and compare and contrast them. Paramount to our success is scaling how our community functions and decides on fair and just allocation of our treasury, measuring its impact, and continuously evolving and improving.

Why is it Important?

Catalyst relies on continuous work by the community to progress and grow, rapid funding can support a wider array of work and personal needs

How does success look like?

Implemented rapid Catalyst funding mechanisms that provide sustainable economic value to proposers within Project Catalyst guidelines.

Key Metrics to measure

  • Are submitted solutions of funding mechanisms faster than Catalyst?
  • How Scalable is this proposal? How would it scale to 10x? 100x? 1000x? More?
  • How Transparent is this proposal? Is it open, auditable, and enables transparency of decisions, funding, and results?
  • How Accountable is this proposal? What is the reporting requirement? Are funds disbursed over time based on performance?
  • How impactful is this proposal? Are disbursed funds creating net positive results? Does this proposal see a greater return on intent compared to Catalyst?