Proposer outreach

How can we encourage entrepreneurs from outside the Cardano ecosystem to submit proposals to Catalyst in the next two funds?

Fund Size: $100,000 USD paid in Ada

Campaign page and browse ideas.

Campaign Brief

Outside proposers will inject vitality and diversity to the community while increasing the overall quality of proposals.

Cardano has ambitious plans to reach 1 billion people. To make this goal a reality, we must attract the brightest entrepreneurs from across the globe and encourage them to submit ideas which will have a positive impact on the ecosystem. The best ideas will be funded, providing entrepreneurs with a more democratized route to capital and ensuring that location is not a barrier to entry.

We must increase brand awareness of Catalyst amongst the entrepreneur community, via multi platform proposer outreach campaigns. From content creation to media coverage, hackathons and live events - we want the community to submit their ideas that will attract and engage this audience.

How success looks like

Bright entrepreneurs, and specialized firms from across the globe learn about Catalyst and submit high impact proposals.

Key metric to measure

To assess ROI of this challenge we will ask ourselves:

Did we get proposals from outside our ecosystem?

  • Media coverage
  • Ideas submitted from new members of the community.
  • Community advisor rating of top 10% of “outsider” proposals

Prior Challenges

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