Partnerships for Global Adoption

How can Cardano enter in global partnerships with United Nations Development Programme and World Bank Group, to leverage mass adoption?

Fund Size: $30,000 USD paid in Ada

Campaign page and browse ideas.

Campaign Brief

Partnership protocols aim to support nation building and support sustainable development goals by providing blockchain solutions to local governments and populations. Cardano´s work would be part of wider development projects undertaking. Proposers to provide a partnership framework model for each of the international bodies in question for Cardano Foundation further implementation.

Why is it important?

Collaboration with International bodies working in the developing world will accelerate mass adoption for Cardano´s blockchain solutions.

How does success look like?

Establishment of Local Community Centers in 130 countries backed by Cardano Foundation working in synergy with international bodies

Key Metrics to measure

  • 10 proposals put forward for voting
  • Partnerships formalized with in 3 months by Cardano Foundation
  • Local Community Centers established with in 6 months


  1. Original challenge setting proposal