Multilingual resources

How can we motivate non english speakers to learn and grow Cardano ecosystem in the next 3-6 months?

Fund Size: $75,000 USD paid in Ada

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Campaign Brief

The English language could be a barrier for a lot of people around the world when they try to learn about Cardano and blockchain technology.

At least in Spanish there are no resources for people who might want to learn how to code smart contracts with Plutus or Marlowe for example.

Why is it important?

Multilingual platforms will allow non-English speakers to learn about Cardano and increase its adoption worldwide.

How does success look like?

Increased adoption and community engagement of non-English speakers.

Increased amount of resources in a variety of languages.

Key Metrics to measure

At the end of this challenge, we will be asking ourselves: Did we manage to make it easier for non-English speakers to build and grow the Cardano community in their local areas?

  • Number of non-English speakers joining Cardano community
  • Number of courses translated to different languages, from programming to stakepool operation and so on.
  • A sense of community and conversations. Having people around to talk with.


  1. Original challenge setting proposal