Distributed decision making

How can we help the Catalyst community to get better at distributed decision making within the next two Catalyst rounds?

Fund Size: $75,000 USD paid in Ada

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Campaign Brief

High-quality and decentralized decision-making, will increase treasury ROI and legitimize decentralized governance.

How success looks like

The community is consciously improving decision-making processes while growing a group of committed and collaborative leaders.

Key metrics to measure

  • To assess ROI of this challenge we will ask ourselves: Did we get better at distributed decision making?
  • Community confidence: avg rating or % of Catalyst members who approve of overall results of a funding round.
  • Community participation: number of Catalyst participants contributing to improving Catalyst decision making systems
  • Measured overall
  • Impact of individual initiatives
  • Proof of iteration: round over round, is there evidence that “pain points” are evolving? (Failure would look like seeing the same problems emerging each funding round)
  • Re-election rates: if proposers receive subsequent funding, this can be seen as a sign of success
  • Embracing failure: is the community able to see value in & learn from proposals that did not work out?

Guiding questions

How do we encourage people to participate in decision making?

How do we ensure the group of decision makers is diverse and accessible to newcomers?

How can we ensure that the Catalyst process keeps iterating to improve?

How will we include the community in decision making?

Potential directions

  • Software that supports decision making or iteration
  • Experiments in social, collaboration, or meeting structures that encourage improved decision making
  • Community advisor training
  • Low effort ways to engage voters in assessing proposals and tapping into existing insights.

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