Atala PRISM DID Mass-Scale Adoption

What will drive mass-scale adoption of decentralized IDs on Cardano?

Fund Size: $250,000 USD paid in Ada

Campaign page and browse ideas.

Campaign Brief

Propose a means or way to drive mass-scale adoption of DID usage as an easy-to-use onramp to the Cardano ecosystem (preferably Atala PRISM when released). This can include any method that will offer users or entities a decentralized ID to start defining their digital self-sovereignty. Think about how this is implemented at scale drawing millions of users, who, once onboard, can become customers for dApps, tools, DeFi and other services.

We are a community of thought leaders and it is time to demonstrate our thoughts with actions. Using a Decentralized Identification (DID) technology to establish self-sovereign presence and ownership of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) advances decentralization of institutions; benefiting individuals and entities.

This Challenge is about small ways we can incorporate DIDs into the Cardano ecosystem to start the ground swell at the grassroots that demands PII be secured and controlled with DID technologies and standards.

It is about signaling to the world that the Cardano community plans mass-adoption of DID that is interchangeable, interoperable (by WW DID standards) and we care deeply that the origin of our personal DID is tied to our home blockchain—Cardano.

While we prefer to support Atala PRISM’s instantiation of DID, this is more about building ideas and concepts that require DID to draw users to the Cardano platform. And since PRISM is building to the open standards, those are available for anyone to imagine possibilities and offer proposals.

It won’t be lost on IOHK how the community responses to this Challenge. Should IOHK see a ground swell of great ideas and proposals, that could help them justify expediting timelines for their planned open sourcing of PRISM components.

Why is it important?

Atala PRISM DID is a gateway to the Cardano blockchain and ecosystem. Building technology and marketecture that on-boards users is crucial.

How does success look like?

Many high quality ideas will be proposed that can substantially grow Cardano’s user-base, network-utility, network-value & ADA circulation.

Key Metrics to measure

  • The number of proposals that directly address DID use cases in a quantifiable manner.
  • The quality of proposals measured by community interest and engagement.
  • Results of any Fund7 funded projects significantly impacting mass-scale adoption of DID’s and their utility on the Cardano blockchain.


  1. Original challenge setting proposal