Products & Integrations

Guiding Questions :

What products and integrations can be developed or improved that will offer more use cases to the Cardano ecosystem that are high impact and drive more adoption?

Why is it important?

Cardano needs innovations and solutions that help the ecosystem reach its potential and help improve the systems we use across the world

What is success for the following guiding topics?

  1. Hardware - Number of items sold, number of total users, number of interactions with hardware solution
  2. Physical products - Number of products tokenised as a native asset, Number of people using physical solution
  3. DeFi - Total value locked, total number of users, number of active daily / weekly / monthly users
  4. Gaming - Number of players, player income generated (if play to earn), qualitative feedback on game experience
  5. Nation governance systems - Amount of population onboarded, amount of costs saved due to new solution, security difficulty improvements over previous approach
  6. Climate change - Total number of users, total CO2 sequestered, amount of awareness being produced, number of people changing a environmentally damaging habit
  7. Transport and logistics - Total number of packages tracked, Number of counterfeit items prevented
  8. Social media - Total number of users, number of meaningful interactions
  9. Marketplaces - Total number of users, number of transactions performed
  10. Insurance - Total number of users, total value insured

What are the key metrics?

  1. Increasing the number products available for the community to use that help to enrich the ecosystem with new use cases
  2. Increase the number of integrations that bring existing solutions together for a more seamless and connected experience between different products
  3. Increased quality of existing products and integrations through improvements and new functionality

Potential proposals Directions

  • Hardware - Wallets, IoT devices connected to Cardano, Local ATMs for interacting with the blockchain etc.
  • Physical products - Tokenised housing as a native asset, Fractionalised physical asset ownership etc.
  • DeFi - Stable coins, DEXs, borrow & lending, synthetic assets etc.
  • Gaming - Open world games, card games, RPG etc.
  • National governance systems - New governance systems for nation states etc.
  • Climate Change - Solutions that help to solve environmental issues etc.
  • Transport and logistics
  • Social media
  • etc.