ODSE: Open Source Dev Ecosystem

Guiding Questions :

Can we build a Cardano community-owned Open-Source ecosystem that’s

  • commercially viable to drive growth
  • commercially viable to increase opportunities
  • commercially viable to increase project visibility

Why is it important?

Growing a marketplace and ecosystem of experts able to work on complex software is important to build and maintain the foundations of Cardano

What is success?

  1. More open-source projects, developers, and users
  2. Improved visibility and quality of open-source projects
  3. Improved open-source infrastructure

What are the key metrics?

  1. Increase the number and quality of open-source projects
  2. Increase the number of open-source tools and frameworks
  3. Increase the number of open-source contributions and maintainers
  4. Increase the visibility of open-source projects
  5. Increase in collaboration in and out of the ecosystem
  6. Improve adoption of Cardano technology
  7. Improve integrations and interoperability between projects
  8. Improve the documentation of open-source projects

Potential proposals Directions

  • Education for development in the Cardano and Catalyst ecosystem
  • Developing common tools, frameworks, core infrastructures, or proof of concepts
  • Incentive systems for development and hosting
  • Common audited repositories and overviews of existing solutions
  • Organizing events to bring the development ecosystem together
  • Collaboration to improve interoperability within the ecosystem