DAOs ♡ Cardano

Guiding Questions :

  1. How can we make Cardano the go-to choice for building DAO’s?
  2. What tools can we provide to enable effective DAO’s Creation and Operation?

Why is it important?

Blockchain applications have moved from currency to DeFi, to NFT and DAO’s are next

What is success?

  1. There are no better ways to manage your DAO than to use Cardano DAO’s
  2. Applied by small Business to global communities

What are the key metrics?

  1. Number of communities engaged in collaboration using Cardano DAO creation tools
  2. Amount of ADA coming from DAO’s transaction fees after the solutions on this challenge get implemented (higher than The Challenge’s allocated fund amount)
  3. Number of DAO’s that use Cardano as governance/management chain in 6 months
  4. Number of DAO toolset/frameworks available for DAO Operations (higher than one)

Potential proposals Directions

  • dApps basic Treasury management
  • Decision making in DAOs
  • Supporting services like Decentralized Justice
  • Similar tools that offer superior features to those offered on other chains
  • Effective collaboration management platforms to organize community intentions and actions
  • Additional not yet existing tools to give Cardano a distinct advantage
  • Tools for prospective organizations to use in evaluating the features available in Cardano DAO’s ; DAO community collaboration, DAO creation, DAO operation, DAO governance etc.