Atala PRISM: Launch Ecosystems

Guiding Questions :

Can we bring together stakeholders to accelerate adoption and product-market-fit?

Why is it important?

Establishing a representative stakeholders working group for a decentralized ecosystem speeds up learning and building the right solutions

What is success?

Establish key relationships and learnings early in the development cycle, leading to faster and more successful business outcomes

What are the key metrics?

In addition to having a great team, product roadmap, milestones, and execution plan we look for successful proposers to execute the following as part of the business plan :

  1. Complete the Atala PRISM Pioneer Program
  2. Complete a Governance Framework workshop with IOG PSG team
  3. Establish or join a Governance Framework working group at Trust over IP, or another host organization.
  4. Identify stakeholders including issuers, holders, verifiers, policy makers, and their business requirements
  5. Establish a cadence of meetings and contribution and convene a home for parties to adopt and participate in the
  6. Ecosystem and Ecosystem Governance
  7. Progress towards publishing a Governance Framework
  8. Develop a Proof of Concept, pilot, or commercial launch

Potential proposals Directions

  1. Interoperability between Cardano and Indy anchored DIDs/VCs.
  2. Self-governance of Emergent Communities
  3. Circular Supply Chain