Townhall Channel in Vietnamese

Catalyst TV - Townhall Channel in Vietnamese

Please stop by to give a comment, like and a vote for this proposal in from the Vietnamese community.

Strategy info from the weekly Cardano Townhall has not promptly reached the majority of Vietnamese and avoid mis/disinformation. After 2 and 6h from the main Townhall, a 5 mins brief and 30 mins summary Podcast versions in Vietnamese ready for commuters

Meet the Team:

Tien Nguyen Anh

  • Eastern Townhall co-host
  • Deploying many payment systems for major banks, financial institutions, and telecommunications in Vietnam
  • Founder of the VILAI stake pool, computer science experts, working in the Cardano/Crypto space since 2018.

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Hieu Nguyen Van

  • Founder of HADA stake pool, member of Plutus Pioneer Program, Lead Technical Support at many successful startups.

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Mie Tran

  • Eastern Townhall co-host
  • Vietnam Eastern Townhall moderator & Interpreter
  • Cardano Vietnam Catalyst project Telegram co-host
  • Eastern Townhall meeting attended as moderator and translator.


Tan To Nguyen Duy

  • experienced engineer in DevOps. Having worked in many technology conglomerates in Vietnam, startups also. Participating in building many software systems serving hundreds of thousands of users, such as Payments, Social Networking.

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Linh Pham

-Australia: Challenge Team member of Fund 7. Cloud computing, Digital Forensic and Cyber Security academic staff since 2004. Co-host for Eastern Town Hall - English/Vietnamese.