P.I.E for Community Dev. Sector/Gamers-On-Chained/Miscellaneous-Challenge

Catalyst TV - P.I.E for Community Dev. Sector/Gamers-On-Chained/Miscellaneous-Challenge

Please stop by to give a comment, like and a vote for this proposal in from the Vietnamese community.

P.I.E stands for Proposal Implementation Evaluation, A series of 3 proposals with the purpose to increase the audibility degree - please stop by to give a Kudo, like and comment on this proposal, and give him a vote on the Catalyst Voting app.

Meet the Team:

Huy Dinh Vuong

  • Over 6 years of experience in academic research & data analytics in a Think Tank of Ho Chi Minh City Government.
  • Master in Regional & Urban Planning, experience in public plan/planning/project implementation evaluation.
  • A member of The Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) - a U.S. government’s signature program to strengthen leadership development and networking in Southeast Asia.
  • Catalyst community member since F5; Catalyst Community Advisor from F7.
  • Core Member in 2Min Reviews, consisting of funded proposers, focusing on providing easy tools and short summary documents for Catalyst’s voters.
  • Team Member in Excellent CA, a team of community advisors, focusing on sharing knowledge on different sectors for advising proposals/proposers as CA/vCA.

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Huan Dinh Vuong

  • Over 2 years of experience in urban planning concept design and 6 months in research & data analytics.
  • Experience in plan/project implementation evaluation from the viewpoint of the private sector.
  • A game lover who has more than 10 years of playing video games, PC games, PS games in many scales from casual, indie to AAA games [ex: FIFA series, PES series, Mortal kombat Devil may cry series, Assassin Creed series, Far cry series, The Sims series, Sims city series, Battlefield series,…etc)
  • Joined Catalyst voting since Fund 7, evaluated proposals as a CA.

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Further Information


C-Views is oriented to the mission of providing the Cardano community with objective assessments, analysis, and advice on projects in the Cardano ecosystem in general and proposals in Catalyst in particular.

Other members are experienced graphic designers that will help in designing the Final reports and video.

We are welcoming new members, so please feel free to join at:

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Our Partners

2Min Review

2Min Review is a funded team in Fund 6 and Fund 7, who aim at providing easy tools and short videos of proposal’s summary for voters. 2Min Review is consist of experienced community builder and administrators who could help in developing suitable indicators for the sector of “Community Development”.


ADABoys LAB is also a funded team in F7. ADABoys LAB is consist of experience developers who can help in technical terms in implementing this proposal.

A summary of 3 proposals can be found here

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