Learn token engineering elements

Catalyst TV - Learn token engineering elements

Tokens let you design economic systems with complex incentives but understanding how to engineer these systems is shrouded in mathematics Please stop by to give a comment, like and a vote for this proposal in from the Vietnamese community.

Meet the Team:

Jack O’Brien Haskell and Plutus software engineer. A graduate of Massey University College of Creative Arts, in Commercial Music, Technology. I am experienced in music, video, and film production. I Co-organise the Catalyst Eastern Townhall, setting up and maintaining the translation pipeline and providing open-source training materials and workshops for the community. I am studying Evolutionary & Institutional Economics.


Further Information

Track the team’s activities

This proposal will be using Obit Gravity as its primary KPI, and documentation and code examples will be pushed to GitHub. Progress will be measured in:

  • Github issues and pull requests to documentation.
  • Videos uploaded to Youtube and tracking of their view count.