Haskell Course For Beginner/ Vietnamese

Catalyst TV - Haskell Book Vietnamese/Japanese Translation

Japanese/ Vietnamese Subtitle supported, Please stop by to give a comment, like and a vote for this proposal in from the Vietnamese community.

There are many people who really want to write smart contracts and build projects on Cardano. But Haskell is a big barrier for beginners

There are many developers who are very interested in building projects on Cardano but there are not any Haskell courses in Vietnamese.

Meet the Team:

Mr. Curtis D’Alves

  • 5 years of Haskell programming experience
  • Haskell Programming Tutorial Youtube Channel


Mr. Quang Daniel:

  • 7 years of experience as an English teacher and translator


Hannah Gates

  • Founder of Vietnamese Cardano Community (helping 40k followers)
  • One year of experience in operating a stake pool (SPO)
  • Experience in blockchain financial research and investment since 2017 Blockchain product and market research specialist