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Meet the Team:

We’re in 3 different companies with specialized skills need for this project: game, blockchain, and marketing. We have our own professional teams to help our clients succeed and we’re good at doing our small business. But we all want to make a big future piece in the blockchain industry that can inspire and mean to people.

Dat Pham Entrepreneur - Currently, CEO of 5+ years social media marketing agency.

“I’m a game lover and also my life is passionate with fiction stories, space, and science. Now, with the motivation from the Catalyst community, I decided to “write” the story that will inspire everyone to space and a new metaverse. With my 10+ years of launching and operating new businesses and the support of my current marketing agency. I believe that we can make this idea to the moon.

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Andy Nguyen CEO of Unicorn Studio - Having more than 8 years of developing games for the Korean market for big companies like KakaoTalk, OllehStore, OzStore, TStore, and Facebook Instant Game. Many years of experience in making mobile applications, windows os, Mac os, and websites and graduated with a master’s degree in data science. I am just starting to research and develop blockchain but feel that this is a very early market and there are many opportunities ahead so I decided to devote all my heart to the blockchain.

The combination of my many years of game-making experience and my experience in researching and implementing a few blockchain projects will definitely help in the completion of this project. I also hope that in the process of working on the project, I will be able to create valuable research papers for the blockchain academic community.


Christian Ho Founder of Unicorn Studio - Having more than 11 years of developing games, 5 years of PM, and 6 years of tech lead for many game projects as you can check the info in the attached file below. A year ago, when I met Mr. Dat, he is just a young entrepreneur without any experience in the gaming industry. Even he had a lot of experience in launching various kinds of business but a gaming business is not an easy one at all. However, his entrepreneurship and the ambition vision of Miverse motivated me to join it. I believe that in our ability and experience, we are sure that we can help Miverse pass its first phases and keep moving further in the future. For the bigger picture, we are eager to learn and make it.


Further Information

Unicorn Studio

Unicorn studio is our current key partner for the development of the early phases of this project. With a professional team of 20+ members in gaming and blockchain development, Unicorn studio will help us kill the roadmap on time and make the best quality game. Moreover, Founder Christian Ho and CEO Andy Nguyen of Unicorn studio are also key members of Miverse and will help to build an independent in-house development team for our long-term sustainable development after the success of the first phase.

For more info about the team members and their ability to develop this project, please check this portfolio

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