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We produce straws from natural grass to replace plastic straws. The goal of reducing waste is plastic straws into the environment and ocean.

Please vote for this fantastic plan that uses blockchain to aid with the conservation of the environment, particularly marine life.

Meet the Team:

We have members who have set up start-ups and are experts in IT and eco-friendly products. This project gives us a great motivation to work for a common global future.

Trong Project Founder with 15+ years of experience in information technology and start-ups, e-commerce, mobile content digital, a game studio, and environmentally friendly products. He will be in charge of materials, products and production processes, product packaging, and quality control.


Khanh Over 15 years working in the Japanese market, in charge of import and export and product communication, He is a person who is especially interested in natural products introduced into daily life. In addition, he is an expert in the security of information technology systems at Fortinet.


Tuan In charge of e-commerce and community operations, He has been working for over 15 years in the software development industry and is the main engineer running the following ADA stake pool operator of Technotes Asia Pool.


Khoa is an automation engineer, an activist for the marine environment in Asia. Since 2019, he has volunteered to conserve Sea Turtles in Hon Cau Island, Binh Thuan Vietnam, organized by IUCN and US FWS. With a mission to develop communities that protect marine species from human impact from plastic waste, he has the experience necessary for a successful project for the Cardano community.


Hoang Dang has many years of experience in international trade and the export of goods. Participating in the project with the role of developing brands and products for the global market. He is active in the field of education and human resource development projects. He is also a lover of new technology and eco-friendly products made from nature. Email

Further Information

ADABoys LAB: A group of technology experts, especially focusing on Cardano blockchain, will support ADA payment integration and interaction with e-commerce systems. With the project that has been Funded 7 cPay - ADA payment on the COTI platform, ADAboys LAB team can fully integrate with shops and other e-commerce platforms. You can follow their twitter here.

Technotes Asia Pool provides technical support and is an ADA pool operator for the Asia region. We are also active on the Weforum forum for reducing waste and plastic straws in the ocean.