Cardano Annual Market Report

Catalyst TV - Cardano Annual Market Report

Make a market report with professional methodology, implement results in multi-channel communication, especially publish in local mediums. Shout out to one of the well-prepared proposals in Fund8 of Mr. Tung Tran planning to build a creditable database report

Meet the Team:

Tran Thanh Tung


  • MBA degree
  • 06 years experience in Marketing
  • 04 years experience in Digital Marketing (Strongest in WordPress, SEO, Social & Community Marketing)
  • 03 years experience in Blockchain Industry)
  • Founder (objective is to increase cognition of Vietnamese about Blockchain Technology)

Ha Minh Trang


  • MBA degree
  • 08 years experience in Marketing
  • 06 years experience in the Education field
  • Published Article